We teach research-oriented courses on cryptography and privacy engineering, as well as digital logic design. Currently, we offer the following courses and theses.

Planned Lectures, Labs, and Seminars (might be subject to changes)

  • SS24: To be announced

Below we give examples for open thesis topics for bachelor and master projects. Students who attended at least one of our courses are very welcome to contact us regarding more unannounced topics or to apply for innovative self-proposed topics that match our research profile. To allow us to find a suitable topic, please send a list of courses you attended successfully, ideally in form of a current transcript of records.

For an idea what our thesis topics can be about, check out currently running and finished theses.

  • Master Thesis

    Privacy has become a crucial topic that nowadays is addressed in a wide range of domains outside of cryptography. It has been shown that such research proposing non-standard secure computation constructions can be seriously flawed, as fundamental impossibility results were not considered. This thesis aims at surveying the literature for such cases, identifying misuse of secure computation, and proposing specific attacks and, if possible, fixes.

CRYPROT SS23 (Integrated Course)
CRYPROT SS22 (Integrated Course)
CRYPROT SS21 (Integrated Course)
CRYPROT SS20 (Integrated Course)
CRYPROT SS19 (Integrated Course)
CRYPROT SS18 (Integrated Course)

Digitaltechnik WS22/23 (Integrierte Veranstaltung, in German)
Digitaltechnik WS21/22 (Integrierte Veranstaltung, in German)
Digitaltechnik WS20/21 (Integrierte Veranstaltung, in German)
Digitaltechnik WS19/20 (Integrierte Veranstaltung, in German)

PrivDev SS23 (Project/Lab)
PrivDev SS22 (Project/Lab)
PrivDev SS21 (Project/Lab)
PrivDev WS19/20 (Project/Lab)
PrivDev SS19 (Project/Lab)
PrivDev WS18/19 (Project/Lab)

PrivTech WS21/22 (Seminar)
PrivTech WS20/21 (Seminar)
PrivTech SS20 (Seminar)
PrivTech WS18/19 (Seminar)
PrivTech WS17/18 (Seminar)
PrivTech WS16/17 (Seminar)
PrivTech WS15/16 (Seminar)