PrivTech SS20

PrivTech SS20

Seminar on Privacy-Preserving Technologies (PrivTech) offered during SS20.

In this seminar, we will look at techniques for protecting privacy that allow to process sensitive data under encryption without revealing the data itself. We will investigate both the theoretical background as well as practical issues of such solutions.

Participants choose a topic for which they get one or two publications that they will summarize in a written report and present in a talk.


  • 10. Feb 2020 – Presentation date moved.
  • 21. Jan 2020 – New website for PrivTech SS20 online.


  • Wed, 22. Apr 2020: Seminar Kick-Off (Time and place TBD)
    We give an overview of the available topics and answer organizational questions.
  • Tue, 18. Aug 2020, 09:00 – 17:00: Presentations (Place TBD)


Attendance of “Introduction to Cryptography” is a plus, but not required.

Further Grading Information

All participants must attend the kickoff event and the day with the presentations in the end of the semester. During the semester, individual appointments will be scheduled.


In case of questions regarding this seminar, please contact .