Integrated course (6CP) on Cryptographic Protocols (CRYPROT) offered during SS21.

For information on appointments and registration, please refer to TUCaN.


Cryptographic protocols allow parties with potentially conflicting interests to jointly perform certain tasks. This course covers basic and advanced constructions for cryptographic protocols and their applications, including Commitments, Secure Coin Flipping, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Mixnets, Anonymous Credentials, Private Information Retrieval, Secure Multiparty Computation, and Hardware-assisted Cryptographic Protocols.


Basic knowledge in cryptography is strongly recommended, e.g., by successfully completing the course “Introduction to Cryptography”.


Please enroll in our Moodle course.

Due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic, we will run CRYPROT 2021 as an online course:

  • Lectures will be given via Zoom. Additionally, we will provide recordings of the lectures via Moodle.
  • Group exercises will also be given via Zoom.

Please note that lecture recordings and corresponding material will appear according to the regular schedule defined in TUCaN.


In case of questions regarding this course, please contact .