PrivDev WS19/20

(Project) Lab on Development for Protecting Privacy (PrivDev) offered during WS19/20.

In this course, students in small groups systematically develop an exemplary privacy-preserving application, tool, or demonstrator. This includes specifying requirements and design of the project, and an implementation with testing, evaluation, and documentation.

We offer two versions of this course: PRIVDEV-M (Lab, 6 CP, 4 SWS), and PRIVDEV-L (Project Lab, 9 CP, 6 SWS) with more involved topics and more detailed project management requirements.


  • 11. Feb 2020 – Presentation day schedule posted.
  • 20. Dec 2019 – Room for presentation day added.
  • 21. Nov 2019 – Date of presentation day moved.
  • 15. Oct 2019 – Application form & Kick-Off slides online, registration open.
  • 14. Oct 2019 – Topics online.
  • 26. Aug 2019 – Timeline online.
  • 6. Aug 2019 – New website for PrivDev WS19/20 online.


  • Mon, 21. Oct 2019, 13:30 – 15:10: Lab Kick-Off at S4|14, Room 5.3.01 (Mornewegstr. 32, 5th floor). We give an overview of the available topics and answer organizational questions.
  • Sun, 27. Oct 2019, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Registration Deadline.
    All interested students submit an application form (details below).
  • Wed, 30. Oct 2019, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Topic Assignment.
    Students are notified on which topic they will work and who are their team members.
  • Wed, 27. Nov 2019, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Project Plan Submission Deadline.
    Teams submit a project plan to their advisor.
  • Wed, 26. Feb 2020, 23:59 (CET/UTC+1): Report Submission Deadline.
    Teams submit a report and their code to their respective advisor (details follow).
  • Fri, 28. Feb 2020, 09:30 – 16:00: Presentation Day at S2|02 C120.


  • All topics are presented at the kickoff event.
  • Students apply for topics (preferably as small groups of 2-3 students) and are assigned to a group that works on one topic.
  • Groups do a requirements analysis together with the project advisor and submit a project plan how they plan to solve these requirements.
  • Groups design, implement, test, evaluate, and document a software that fulfills these requirements and regularly meet with the project advisor.
  • [For PRIVDEV-M Only:] Groups summarize their progress along the project plan and document who did which task in a short report (requirements depend on the particular project).
  • [For PRIVDEV-L Only:] Groups document in detail their project plan, deviations from the project plan, project progression, who worked on what, amount of work (in hours), reasons for decisions, and steps taken during their project in the form of a detailed report.
  • Groups present their topic and outcome in a presentation and a live demo. ([For PRIVDEV-L Only:] in a longer presentation slot also findings from the project management perspective are given.)

Remark: Students agree that all developed software and documentation will be made available under the Apache open source license such that future groups can build upon it.


To apply for a lab participation, fill the registration form (opens in new tab) and send it to . Please note that all team members must send an individual application. Also, make sure to register for the respective course in TUCaN (PRIVDEV-M or PRIVDEV-L).


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