News from the ENCRYPTO Group

  • 2019/07/02

    Open Hiwi Position

    Implementing Attacks on Searchable Encryption

    We are offering a Hiwi position. The number of working hours is flexible and can be up to 82 hours per month starting as soon as possible.

  • 2018/10/26

    Open Hiwi Position

    Implementing Efficient Secure Computation

    We are offering a Hiwi position. The number of working hours is flexible and can be up to 82 hours per month starting as soon as possible.

  • 2018/10/29

    Open Research Assistant Position

    Techniques for Protecting Privacy in Applications

    The Cryptography and Privacy Engineering Group (ENCRYPTO) at the Department of Computer Science of the Technische Universität Darmstadt is offering position for a

    Research Assistant (Doctoral Researcher/PhD Student) in “Techniques for Protecting Privacy in Applications”

    with the goal to further develop our expertise in the area of engineering cryptographic protocols that are scalable to real-world problem sizes.

  • 2019/07/06

    Explanatory Video on “VoiceGuard”

    Watch the explanatory video on our security architecture “VoiceGuard” for secure and private speech processing.

  • 2019/07/01

    Matthias Senker awarded the Best Master Thesis Price 2018 by Friends of TU Darmstadt

    On 28.06.2019, Matthias Senker won the price of the Association of Friends of TU Darmstadt “for the best thesis at the chair of Cryptography and Privacy Engineering (ENCRYPTO) 2018” for his master thesis “PSI Meets Signal: Integrating a Malicious-Secure Private Contact Discovery Solution in an Open-Source Instant Messaging Service”.

  • 2019/06/19

    ENCRYPTO Group now on Twitter

    Follow the ENCRYPTO group on Twitter @ENCRYPTO_Group!

  • 2019/06/18

    Paper accepted at INTERSPEECH 2019

    Privacy-Preserving Speaker Recognition with Cohort Score Normalisation” by Andreas Nautsch, Jose Patino, Amos Treiber, Themos Stafylakis, Petr Mizera, Massimiliano Todisco, Thomas Schneider, and Nicholas Evans was accepted at INTERSPEECH 2019.

  • 2019/06/03

    Paper accepted at Computer Speech and Language

    Preserving Privacy in Speaker and Speech Characterisation” by Andreas Nautsch, Abelino Jiménez, Amos Treiber, Jascha Kolberg, Catherine Jasserand, Els Kindt, Héctor Delgado, Massimiliano Todisco, Mohamed Amine Hmani, Aymen Mtibaa, Mohammed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Alberto Abad, Francisco Teixeira, Driss Matrouf, Marta Gomez-Barrero, Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz, Gérard Chollet, Nicholas Evans, Thomas Schneider, Jean-François Bonastre, Bhiksha Raj, Isabel Trancoso, and Christoph Busch was accepted at Computer Speech and Language.

  • 2019/05/23

    PC Member of ACM CCSW 2019

    Thomas Schneider is program committee member of the 10. ACM Cloud Computing Security Workshop (ACM CCSW'19).

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