Open Theses

Open Theses

Requirements. All theses at ENCRYPTO are research-oriented. Therefore, we require that students who start a thesis at ENCRYPTO have successfully completed for a Bachelor thesis the course “Computersystemsicherheit” (or equivalent), and for a Master thesis at least one specialized ENCRYPTO course (CRYPROT, PRIVTECH, or PRIVDEV).

Below we give examples for open thesis topics, but often have further topics that are not announced and are also open to discuss innovative self-proposed topics that match with our research profile.

  • 2019/12/17

    Centralizing Offline Phases for Private Information Retrieval Protocols

    Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis

    Private Information Retrieval (PIR) allows a client to privately access an entry in a public database held by a server without leaking information about the client’s query. Example applications for PIR are private messaging apps and privacy-friendly lookups in medical or patent databases. Modern multi-server PIR schemes outperform single server PIR in online runtime by reducing the amount of data each server has to touch during a request, but require that a subset of the servers are non-colluding. While great effort has been put into optimizing the online runtime, the storage requirements are expensive. A promising approach to reduce the storage for a single server is a centralized, powerful computer cluster that is optimized for offline runtime and distributes the necessary data among the servers. go