Open Hiwi Positions

Privacy-Preserving Services on the Internet


We are offering several Hiwi jobs funded by the ERC starting grant PSOTI. The number of working hours is flexible and can go up to 82 hours per month starting as soon as possible.

Motivation & Goal

As more and more user data is outsourced to third-party cloud services, methods for protecting the privacy of users are receiving increasing attention from researchers as well as from industry. A major problem with current cloud services is that users have to fully entrust this single service provider with their data.

Our goal is to eliminate the need to trust a single service provider and empower users to keep full control over their data. For this, we will give the user the option to choose from multiple service providers who jointly and securely process the data, without gaining direct access to it. The data will be protected, as long as at least one provider is trustworthy.

In this project, you will get a great chance to develop privacy-preserving services for commonly used applications on the Internet like data storage, online surveys, and email. These services will allow the users to securely and efficiently store, retrieve, search, and process data.

By working in PSOTI, you will get hands-on experience in top research.

Icons downloaded from and made by Freepik, Smashicons, and Vitaly Gorbachev
Icons downloaded from and made by Freepik, Smashicons, and Vitaly Gorbachev


  • Very good programming skills in C/C++
  • At least basic knowledge of cryptography
  • Experience in developing Thunderbird and/or Chrome plugins is beneficial
  • Knowledge on Google protocol buffers is beneficial
  • High motivation and creativity + ability to work independently


Your application needs to contain a Bachelor and (if applicable) a Master transcript of records, a Bachelor thesis PDF (if applicable), a letter of motivation, and a current CV.

If you are interested, please send your complete application to: