Cryptography and Privacy Engineering

The mission of the Cryptography and Privacy Engineering Group (ENCRYPTO) is to demonstrate that privacy can be efficiently protected in real-world applications. For this, we bring theory into practice by using methods from applied cryptography and algorithm engineering for developing protocols, tools, and software prototypes to efficiently protect sensitive data in various application scenarios.

As shown below for our research sub-areas, our excellent research is highly recognized, we were often among the first in the respective research area, and our aim is to publish our results at top venues in IT security/applied cryptography (top conferences with CORE ranking A* or A marked in bold below).

We are always open to industry partners who want to support our research in these areas.


Publications (selection)

Tools for Multi-Party Computation

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Private Set Intersection

Private Function Evaluation

Privacy-Preserving Applications

Protocol Improvements

Hardware-assisted Protocols

Attacks on Privacy and Security